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Hey everyone! I've graduated from art school! And now that I've got my life sorted out to some extent, well, I want to open commissions!

So first off, I don't want my rules to seem super-draconian or anything! There is always flexibility (even with payment, though not as much), so please, as long as we communicate well there won't be any problems. Please read through all of the rules (it looks like a lot but it'll take you like 5 minutes) before contacting me. And thanks! Thanks so much if you commission me!

Commissions Open! by Gryphon-Shifter


>Send me an email at with the title “Commission.” I won't respond to comments or notes for commissions.

>Describe what you want. I will probably ask for more details before the commission progresses and I set a price.

>I will reply within 2-5 days (probably two but sometimes things come up).

>If you contact me for a commission, please get back to me within 2-5 days after I reply to you. If you will not be able to respond, let me know, otherwise after two weeks I will cancel your slot.

>When we are exchanging emails, do not clear the previous replies made. I want to keep every detail for your commission in one place, not in 4-5 different emails.

>Do not pay until I send you an invoice, even after I give you the price for your commission. I will email you a PayPal invoice. I will automatically be notified when you have paid.

> IMPORTANT: I will not start on your commission until you've paid, and I will cancel your commission if you don't pay within two weeks! If you can't pay now but can pay later, let me know, but I will only extend the deadline for a month.

>If you want to cancel for any reason, let me know. Full refunds available if the commission hasn't progressed past the sketch phase—after that only partial or no refund, depending on how far it's come.

> I need references for Original Characters and Fan Characters. Always give me a reference for your request, even if I've drawn the character before. Please link me with a clear/colored reference for me to work with. I won't go looking through your gallery for them.

>You can't “reserve” spots if they're full.

>I will draw in my own style unless requested otherwise, but more complex or realistic styles may cost more (for example, realistic portraits or detailed mechanical things). And again, always provide a reference for how you want it drawn!

>Commissions may take a week or up to a month... Sometimes I may be busy with life and other priorities and it will take longer. Waiting time depends on how many commissions I have to complete. I can give an estimated time if requested. Also, if a commission should be completed within a certain time frame, let me know. Please take into consideration that I most likely can't complete a commission within a very short period of time so if you want for example a commission for your friend by their birthday, please let me know early enough. 

>At any time you're free to message me and check on the progress of a commission, as well as discuss with me exactly how you'd like it while I'm drawing or planning it. Please do understand that I have a life and I have my limits, however. I will most likely communicate with you as I draw—especially in the rough sketching phase—to make sure it's done the way you want it (within the price range).

>The closeness of the final thing to what you were expecting is proportional to how much detail you provide. I prefer people to give me more information about important things such as poses, clothing, expressions and the like. If you do choose to give me more creative reign, do so understanding that it may not end up exactly how you expected as a result.


I DO NOT TAKE POINTS! Paypal only, USD. I will send an invoice to your email!

>A small extra charge may apply for overseas payments. Paypal automatically applies a small extra charge to payments for currency conversion. You'll have to figure out the conversion rate yourself, as it changes over time. (it shouldn't be too much)

Terms of Agreement

>Do not redistribute, reproduce, or otherwise use any parts of the image for personal profit (i.e. selling it in any form whether digitally or physically) - with the exception of work specifically commissioned, and with previous consent, for commercial use.

>Personal use of the image is allowed, i.e. desktop image, sharing with friends, etc. Reuploading to your personal DA or other online gallery, or use in web layouts, sites, blogs, signatures, or avatars is also permitted so long as a link to my page is shown near or on the image.

>The artwork will be copyrighted to myself. You may not claim the artwork as your own. Original characters will still hold the copyright of the original creator/owner.

>I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason.

>I reserve the right to use any images in personal portfolios or advertising material. I will only create prints or other merchandise of the image with your permission.

>You'll be given a private copy of the full piece with an unobtrusive signature but no watermark. I may also upload it with a watermark if I want to display it, or as an example for future customers. Nobody except you shall have access to the watermark-free version. If you specifically don't want me to display it, then please let me know, otherwise I will assume that you have read this and are fine with it.


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